Alexander Bobkin

Bobkin’s work is in many ways connected with the inner sources of our pictorial traditions. Not only does he draw inspiration from art traditions of his Siberian fatherland, also the Eastern, Oriental and Western culture have left a clear trace in his work. In the course of time, the work has evolved towards a more abstractive form. The image becomes a symbol. It represents the essence of the being of the depicted. That’s how Bobkin tries to let go the image of every direct connection and individual identity. In this way he researches the core of our pictorial tradition.

The Artist

Alexander Bobkin was born in Siberia and studied at the Arts Academy of Jaroslavl. Bobkin is a traveller who prefers visiting areas that are still unknown. His paintings have been collected by the Museum of Modern Art in Novokuznetsk, the Kemerovo  Regional Art Museum and the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow.

The Studio

Molenveldlaan 114
6523 RN Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Palet Magazine – “Dromen en nachtmerries”

“Een beest met een menselijk gelaat, een gezicht dat schuilgaat achter een masker, figuren in theatrale kostuums die opdoemen uit de mist. De schilderijen van Alexander Bobkin lijken een droomwereld te verbeelden, die je kort na het ontwaken alweer deels is ontglipt.” 

Current exhibition

Alexander Bobkin, Lucy Besson & Marieke Geerlings

7 May until 25 June 2017, Galerie van Strien, Emmen (The Netherlands)


Searching for the hidden reality behind a visible image.