Characters Series

In 'Characters,' Alexander Bobkin explores the artistic space left by characters from previous works juxtaposed against the definition of the character itself, as known from mythology and history throughout the years. The eccentric stroke of the brush contrasted with vibrant colors and stately use of space sets the tone, forming the foundation of the collection: the character as a manifestation of the walls we build for ourselves and tear down for others. A journey that explores the mystical allure of the character as a phenomenon and combines it with the personal interpretation of each individual's inner character. In ten diverse works, Bobkin presents us with unique characters, each with its own past, its own future, and its own individual role in the collective whole. The characters reflect how we feel, the cheerful roles we play, the masks we wear, and the somber emptiness that can arise from it. Snapshots that feel like a broader reflection of the internal process. Taken as a whole, 'Characters' is also a contemplation on the concept of character and humans as characters in the conceptual sense: the willing participant in the theater of life with only unwilling spectators as the audience.

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