In “Jump”, we see what appears to be an acrobat, skilled in performing unlikely stunts and tricks. The pose in which he balances on his hands is impressive enough, but by placing his foot in his mouth, he demonstrates that he is also a master of body control. Another interpretation of what we see in the painting is connected to the ancient symbol of the ouroboros: the serpent biting its own tail. This symbol represents infinity, cycles, and the eternal return of things. It seems that the figure reflects this symbolism by placing his foot in his mouth and playing it like a trumpet. Just as the ouroboros cycle repeats itself, this figure seems capable of summoning and regenerating his own energy and life force by using his own body as an instrument. It is a powerful image of self-sufficiency and self-realization, where the figure is able to discover and unfold his own capabilities and potential without relying on external factors.