Preparation for a Journey

In “Preparation for a Journey,” we see beautifully how Bobkin’s spiritual side is deeply intertwined with his work. His journeys through Siberia and encounters with shamans are indeed a guiding force in his oeuvre, and it’s no coincidence that we see that reflected here. The characters are preparing for a journey, but to where? Whether it’s seeking better times in a distant land or simply getting from point A to point B, the journey itself as a crucial part of self-development is a recurring theme not only in Bobkin’s work but also in his own life. The nomadic and indigenous characteristics depicted in a space as vast as the room for one’s own interpretation. Space to discover, to explore, and to reflect. Space to occupy in a spiritual sense and space to leave behind in a physical sense. In this way, the journeys we undertake, wherever they may end, are always the beginning of something new.