Sunflower Spirit

In this edition, attention is focused on Sunflower Spirit, not entirely coincidentally. The prominent use of yellow and blue immediately brings to mind the flag of Ukraine, which is currently going through turbulent times. The sunflower itself is inseparably linked to Ukraine and its history. Not only is the country the world’s largest producer of sunflowers, but the flower has also become a symbol of resistance against war and a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

The painting itself contains several characteristic elements of Bobkin’s unique style: the calming emptiness of the open plain, minimalist use of color, and subtle references to the mystical here and there. Take, for example, the spirit discernible amidst the painting. A ‘spirit’, particularly apt in times when it is important to keep morale high, much like the flower itself, which always turns towards the light and raises its head to the sun.