The Dike

The Dike. A wall of a dike. It protects us, deflects natural forces, and in a sense forms the basis of our existence. It safeguards our living environment, our social ecosystem, and at the same time serves as a staircase to a greater concept. That’s why the people in the painting are standing on the dike. Thanks to it, they are here. The marshy green clay of the dike serves as a reminder of the raw materials from which we come. Hence, the depicted group is arranged in a pyramid shape, a subtle nod to our evolution. This arrangement also immediately raises curiosity about the composition of this group. Who are they and what are they doing there? The diversity with which they are depicted is a recurring element in Bobkin’s work. Sometimes the contours of their faces are blurred, while other times they are sharp. It almost seems as if the characters do not all exist in the same time frame. Like wandering souls through our history. From young to old, from man to woman, from blue-collar to white-collar, the strength of the structure connects and protects us all. Those standing on the dike can go further. Further with building. How high will it take us?