Transit, a captivating artwork that stimulates the eye and imagination. This painting unveils a striking and warm color palette, with two figures taking center stage. One of them immediately stands out due to the rabbit ears protruding above his human body, creating an enchanting and simultaneously mysterious aura. Behind him stands a second figure, whose meaning and purpose in this spectacle remain unclear for now.

In the foreground, we see objects and belongings scattered on the ground. The nature and origin of these items remain concealed, as if they hold the key to a mystery yet to be deciphered. The background stretches into apparent infinity, like a cosmic stage where this intriguing transition is taking place.

The figure with the rabbit ears seems to embody the symbol of change and transition. He stands on the threshold between two worlds, between human and animal, carrying the symbolism of transformation and the promise of the unknown. The second figure could be a guide, a companion in this unfamiliar journey, or perhaps an observer of the transition to a new and unknown territory.