Whisper of the Earth, Silence of the Sky

In “Whisper of the Earth, Silence of the Sky,” Alexander Bobkin takes us to a remarkable new world. The characters seem to radiate a kind of desolate despair but also appear serene at the same time. They feel indigenous, alienating to the outsider. Workers, a child in a royal blue dress, a mother caring for her, an animal head on a human body, officials, and an admiral. Mythical figures come together in a scene that feels warm yet shrouded in mystique. Who are they? What occupies their minds? The characters either blend into the background or stand out, leaving the viewer guessing where to focus their attention. Thus, a performance is created where everyone can imagine their own protagonist and story. Above all these figures, a pristine azure sky looms, draped like a veil over them. Because whatever binds or divides them, they all sleep under the same sky. The air is silent, the earth whispers.