A journey to the hidden reality behind the visible image

In "Jump", we witness what appears to be an acrobat, skilled in performing incredible stunts and tricks. The pose in which he balances on his hands is impressive on its own, but by placing his foot in his mouth, he demonstrates mastery over body control as well.

Alexander Bobkin is a painter based in Nijmegen. Bobkin's work is characterized by his quest for the hidden reality concealed behind the visible image. A visionary guided by his Siberian roots, he constantly travels through the mind to translate these mystical experiences onto canvas.
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Art is meant to be experienced. Seeking inspiration? Schedule a studio visit at Alexander Bobkin’s studio to explore freely and witness the diverse range of artworks, both old and new, firsthand.

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Viewing rooms provide a unique opportunity to discover artworks in a new way and are designed to simulate the experience of visiting a physical gallery or exhibition, but with the convenience of accessibility anytime, anywhere, and from any device. The viewing rooms will be announced in the form of online exhibitions.

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