Spirito di Palazzo Veneziano

In 'Spirito di Palazzo Veneziano' Bobkin captures the soul of a bygone era in a single moment of reflection and decay. Only when you are left alone can you hear the true voice of the past.

A journey to the hidden reality behind the visible image
In One Boat

'In One Boat' is, with its unique play of colors, an enigmatic artwork that invites us on a journey full of adventure and discovery. In the painting, we see a boat with three figures.


In ‘Jump’ we see something that resembles an acrobat, skilled in performing improbable stunts and tricks. The pose in which he balances on his hands is impressive enough, but by placing his foot in his mouth, he shows that he is also a master of body control.

Alexander Bobkin is a painter based in Nijmegen. Bobkin's work is characterized by his quest for the hidden reality concealed behind the visible image. A visionary guided by his Siberian roots, he constantly travels through the mind to translate these mystical experiences onto canvas.
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