SPACE "In these paintings, it as if one is waiting in a vast open space without knowing what for. People are gathered without a clear reason, but they do. If you look closer, one can see figurines that come from different times and places and there appears to be little that binds them except for the space they share." RELATION "Invisible threads are the strongest ties." SOUL'S MIRROR “Some will not recognize the truthfulness of my mirror. Let them remember that I am not here to reflect the surface… but must penetrate inside.” JOURNEY "Journey is a series of artworks in which people appear in or wander through a landscape. Apart from the titles, there is no reference to time of location. It is as if the actors are both captured at their moment of movement and become part of the landscape as well." ANOTHER PLACE "In these paintings, the viewer sees of a world which is very different from his one world." THE EARTH AND THE SKY "One or more figures are put central in an almost abstract landscape as if they connect earth and sky. They are actors in a scenery that cannot be described. There are only hints to what has happened, such as the sky is reflected in the wet surface and telling us that this scenery is after the rain." ESSENTIAL BACKGROUNDS "In Bobkin’s recent paintings, backgrounds become the front stage. Sometimes, there is still a suggestion of recognition. These essential backgrounds become abstract narratives, in which the paint allows the viewer the create a world by himself." PAINT SKIN "In Bobkin’s works, the skin is an essential part of the painting. Sometimes this skin is glossy, on other occasions it is a matte surface. The playful application of such a skin becomes part of the picture itself and adds another dimension to drawing and colour."

Bobkin’s schilderijen zijn sterk beïnvloed door de zienswijze en het invoelingsvermogen van de Sjamanen. Als schilder bedient Bobkin zich van het kijken tot hij een ziener wordt. Observatie is één van de pijlers van de wetenschap. De Sjamaan verbindt kennis en intuïtie, nieuwe observaties en “oer”weten vanuit een direct contact met de natuur. Je ziet en je bent, je kijkt en je begrijpt, je laat zien en je wordt begrepen, je bezielt en je raakt bezield. Alles hoort vanzelfsprekend bij elkaar. Alles maakt deel uit van ons en wij maken deel uit van het grote geheel.

Soul's Mirror
Earth and sky
Another place
Essential backgrounds
Paint Skin
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